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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens to your LoveDoves?

They fly back home to their lofts. Our LoveDoves are white homing pigeons and are trained to return home. They also have natural instincts and use the sun to navigate their way home. They love to fly and are always anxious to return to their well kept lofts and meals.

Question: What is the difference between pigeons and doves?

Pigeons are biologically part of the dove family and are actually descendents of the ancient Rock Dove. The dove is smaller than the pigeon and does not have the ability nor instinct to fly home.

Question: Will the LoveDoves mess on our guests as they fly away?

Our LoveDoves are use to a special feeding regime that helps prevent accidents when they are released.

Question: Do all the LoveDoves make it home after a release?

When the doves are released they usually circle to find their bearings from the sun and then will flock together for their journey home ---- and, yes, with rare exceptions, they all arrive safely.

Release Policy

Our LoveDoves are very important to us and their well being is a priority in building our business. All releases must be scheduled during daylight hours and no later than one hour before sunset. Our doves cannot be released inside buildings or structures. We will fully refund any cancellations due to bad weather. We want to ensure the safe return of our LoveDoves at all times.

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